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Ystradgynlais Town Council Documents:

Agenda of AGM and Ordinary Meeting on 3 September 2020


Please note:

"Town Council Minutes" include both council and planning meeting minutes unless otherwise indicated.

The Town Council cannot accommodate members of the Public or the press at present.


2020 Town Council Minutes

Date Document
02-Jan-2020 January Minutes
06-Feb-2020 February Minutes
05-Mar-2020 March Minutes
10-Mar-2020 Extraordinary meeting

2019 Town Council Minutes

Date Document
03-Jan-2019 January Minutes
07-Feb-2019 February Minutes
07-Mar-2019 March Minutes
04-Apr-2019 April Minutes
02-May-2019 AGM and May Council Meeting
06-Jun-2019 June Minutes
04-Jul-2019 July Minutes
03-Sep-2019 Extraordinary Meeting
05-Sep-2019 September Minutes
03-Oct-2019 October Minutes
07-Nov-2019 November Minutes
19-Nov-2019 Extraordinary council meeting
05-Dec-2019 December Minutes

2018 Town Council Minutes

Date Document
11-Jan-2018 January Minutes (Council)
18-Jan-2018 January Minutes (Budget)
01-Feb-2018 February Minutes
01-Mar-2018 March Minutes (Combined)
08-Mar-2018 March Minutes
05-Apr-2018 April Minutes
03-May-2018 Minutes of AGM and Council meeting
07-Jun-2018 June Minutes
05-Jul-2018 July Minutes
06-Sep-2018 September Minutes (Council only)
02-Oct-2018 October Minutes
01-Nov-2018 November Minutes
06-Dec-2018 December Minutes

2017 Town Council Minutes

Date Document
05-Jan-2017 January Minutes
02-Feb-2017 February Minutes
02-Mar-2017 March Minutes
06-Apr-2017 April Minutes
01-Jun-2017 June Minutes
13-Jul-2017 July Minutes
07-Sep-2017 September Minutes
05-Oct-2017 October Minutes
02-Nov-2017 November Minutes (Combined)
09-Nov-2017 November Minutes (Council only)
07-Dec-2017 December Minutes

2016 Town Council Minutes

Date Document
07-Jan-2016 January Minutes
04-Feb-2016 February Minutes
03-Mar-2016 March Minutes
07-Apr-2016 April Minutes
12-May-2016 May Minutes (incl AGM)
02-Jun-2016 June Minutes
07-Jul-2016 July Minutes
01-Sep-2016 September Minutes
06-Oct-2016 October Minutes
03-Nov-2016 November Minutes
01-Dec-2016 December Minutes

2015 Town Council Minutes

Date Document
08-Jan-2015 January Minutes
05-Feb-2015 February Minutes
05-Mar-2015 March Minutes
02-Apr-2015 April Minutes
30-Apr-2015 Annual and Ordinary Meeting
04-Jun-2015 June Minutes
02-Jul-2015 July Minutes
03-Sep-2015 September Meeting
08-Oct-2015 October Minutes
05-Nov-2015 November Meeting
03-Dec-2015 December Meeting

2014 Town Council Minutes

Date Document
03-Jul-2014 July Minutes
01-Sep-2014 September Minutes
02-Oct-2014 October Minutes
06-Nov-2014 November Minutes
03-Dec-2014 December Minutes

Town Council Notices

Date Document
31-Mar-2015 Notice of Conclusion 2014-5
31-Mar-2016 Accounting Statement 2015/6

Town Council Accounts 2016 onwards

Date Document
31-Mar-2015 Accounts Front Sheet
31-Mar-2016 Accounts Balance Sheet
31-Mar-2016 Creditors
31-Mar-2016 Grants Policy
31-Mar-2016 INCEPX
31-Mar-2016 Supplementary St.
31-Mar-2018 Town Council Accounts 2017-8

Town Council Accounts 2015

Date Document
31-Mar-2015 Front Page
31-Mar-2015 Income and Expenditure
31-Mar-2015 Balance Sheet
31-Mar-2015 Creditors
31-Mar-2015 Supplementary Stmt.
31-Mar-2015 Land Ownership Register
31-Mar-2015 Accounting Statement
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