Ystradgynlais Town Council

Ystradgynlais Town Council Documents

Please Note:

"Town Council Minutes" include both council and planning meeting minutes unless otherwise indicated.




2020 Town Council Minutes

Date Document
26-Apr-2021 Extraordinary 10th August 2020 Minutes
26-Apr-2021 Annual / Ordinary Meeting September 2020
26-Apr-2021 Ordinary 8th October 2020
26-Apr-2021 Ordinary 15th October 2020 Minutes
26-Apr-2021 Ordinary 3rd December 2020 Minutes
05-Mar-2020 March Minutes
06-Feb-2020 February Minutes
02-Jan-2020 January Minutes

2019 Town Council Minutes

Date Document
05-Dec-2019 December Minutes
19-Nov-2019 Extraordinary council meeting
07-Nov-2019 November Minutes
03-Oct-2019 October Minutes
05-Sep-2019 September Minutes
03-Sep-2019 Extraordinary Meeting
04-Jul-2019 July Minutes
06-Jun-2019 June Minutes
02-May-2019 AGM and May Council Meeting
04-Apr-2019 April Minutes
07-Mar-2019 March Minutes
07-Feb-2019 February Minutes
03-Jan-2019 January Minutes

2018 Town Council Minutes

Date Document
06-Dec-2018 December Minutes
01-Nov-2018 November Minutes
02-Oct-2018 October Minutes
06-Sep-2018 September Minutes (Council only)
05-Jul-2018 July Minutes
07-Jun-2018 June Minutes
03-May-2018 Minutes of AGM and Council meeting
05-Apr-2018 April Minutes
08-Mar-2018 March Minutes
01-Mar-2018 March Minutes (Combined)
01-Feb-2018 February Minutes
18-Jan-2018 January Minutes (Budget)
11-Jan-2018 January Minutes (Council)

2017 Town Council Minutes

Date Document
07-Dec-2017 December Minutes
09-Nov-2017 November Minutes (Council only)
02-Nov-2017 November Minutes (Combined)
05-Oct-2017 October Minutes
07-Sep-2017 September Minutes
13-Jul-2017 July Minutes
01-Jun-2017 June Minutes
06-Apr-2017 April Minutes
02-Mar-2017 March Minutes
02-Feb-2017 February Minutes
05-Jan-2017 January Minutes

2016 Town Council Minutes

Date Document
01-Dec-2016 December Minutes
03-Nov-2016 November Minutes
06-Oct-2016 October Minutes
01-Sep-2016 September Minutes
07-Jul-2016 July Minutes
02-Jun-2016 June Minutes
12-May-2016 May Minutes (incl AGM)
07-Apr-2016 April Minutes
03-Mar-2016 March Minutes
04-Feb-2016 February Minutes
07-Jan-2016 January Minutes

2015 Town Council Minutes

Date Document
03-Dec-2015 December Meeting
05-Nov-2015 November Meeting
08-Oct-2015 October Minutes
03-Sep-2015 September Meeting
02-Jul-2015 July Minutes
04-Jun-2015 June Minutes
30-Apr-2015 Annual and Ordinary Meeting
02-Apr-2015 April Minutes
05-Mar-2015 March Minutes
05-Feb-2015 February Minutes
08-Jan-2015 January Minutes

2014 Town Council Minutes

Date Document
03-Dec-2014 December Minutes
06-Nov-2014 November Minutes
02-Oct-2014 October Minutes
01-Sep-2014 September Minutes
03-Jul-2014 July Minutes

Town Council Notices

Date Document
20-Jun-2022 Audit Notice 2021/22
24-May-2022 Vacancy - Abercrave Ward
25-Apr-2022 Audit Conclusion Notice 2020/21
09-Apr-2022 Grant Advert 2022
11-Jan-2022 Cwmtwrch Ward Cooption Notice
30-Nov-2021 Casual Vacancy Cwmtwrch Ward

Town Council Accounts 2016 onwards

Date Document
30-Nov-2020 Audited Annual Return 2019-20
30-Sep-2019 Audited Annual Return 2018-19
31-Mar-2018 Town Council Accounts 2017-8
31-Mar-2016 Accounts Balance Sheet
31-Mar-2016 Creditors
31-Mar-2016 Grants Policy
31-Mar-2016 INCEPX
31-Mar-2016 Supplementary St.
31-Mar-2015 Accounts Front Sheet

Town Council Accounts 2015

Date Document
31-Mar-2015 Front Page
31-Mar-2015 Income and Expenditure
31-Mar-2015 Balance Sheet
31-Mar-2015 Creditors
31-Mar-2015 Supplementary Stmt.
31-Mar-2015 Land Ownership Register
31-Mar-2015 Accounting Statement